Mahogany Wood 7 Drawers Dynasty Dresser


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This beautiful Solid Wood  Hand Carved 7 drawers,Timeless Dynasty Dresser is the masterpiece that will add value to your bedroom. Made out of Solid Mahogany Timber that will last forever.

With a time-honored history, the handicraft of furniture formed its unique characteristics in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Furniture of the Ming Dynasty Style refers to the ones from the Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). An important feature of Ming Dynasty furniture is that the items are beautifully shaped.


The Mahogany Wood used to manufacture this item has been derived from Plantation Trees and Kiln Dried (guaranteed against split & crack) Not Sun Dried as many Mahogany furniture on market.


  • 7 Drawers
  • 13th Century Dynasy Style
  • Detailed hand Carved
  • Solid Mahogany Timber
  • Kiln (oven) Dried Timber

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Dimensions 46 × 162 × 92 cm


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